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Right University

If you are looking for help to choose your college/ university / institution school, we can assist you in choosing the right one. If you are wondering whether boarding school is right for you, Galaxy Educational Consultants can assist.




Course Selection

We do assessment, the results of which are used as the basis for a more detailed discussion Knowing your own strengths and aptitudes is a critical part of career planning, but self-assessment is not always easy.




Easy Admissions

Admission to an international institution is one of the cumbersome and exhaustive processes one undergoes to attain an international degree at reputed institutions/universities apart from questing for an international career.




Visa Processing

We provide detail information to each student about visa process formalities and its proceeding, as required by the embassy. If you are looking for help to choose your college/ university / institution school,



Our Mission

Our Mission The portfolio of GEC is a conglomerate of institutions / colleges / universities from the UK which helps to add values and worth in the educational cycle of a student. Accurate and correct information have always proved to be reliable and true which deliver the services as promised. GEC acts as a strong channel with core aim to provide paramount opportunities in the academia.


Galaxy Educational Consultants
“We understand your heart and mind”.

Srinivas Sambandam, Head, GEC

As the Director, we recognise the importance of offering a high quality, affordable education providing a substantial foundation for students who can progress with their studies, as well as making new acquaintances. At GEC we provide a gateway to UK education for students from home. Our counselling staffs are fully qualified and experienced as well as giving the help and assistance to students that is so necessary for their well being.

I am Akshay Venugopal.I got my visa for Audencia Business school course of Msater in supply chain and Purchasing management.Excellent services offered by galaxy, especially Ms.Sathya & Mr. Srinivas they gave update of every a...
Akshay Venugopal, Audencia Business school
March 20, 2018

I am Bharath Jayasimha. I got my visa for Audencia Business school course of Master in supply chain & Purchasing management program. I greatly appreciate the services provided by the Galaxy Consultancy, Ms.Sathya always updat...
Bharath Jayasimha, for Audencia Business school
March 19, 2018

A mighty thanks to whole of the Galaxy team for the amazing support, laudable guidance and your invaluable time. You made the scary process of preparing for studies in another country seem like ‘Walk in a park’. I W...
Prashanth Rajasekaran
March 20, 2018

I would like to thank Galaxy consultancy at the first note for my safe landing in the Epita school of computer science in France to pursue my masters. Galaxy educational consultancy is an excellent counsellor for students wis...
Praveen Kumar –EPITA-School of Computer Science, France
March 21, 2018

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